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Halloween Freestyle 

Pretty random but I was working on some new beats and one in particular had a haunting vibe to it. So long story short it became the spark of a new Monthly Series I'll be curating to assist artist with building content and exposure.

Still in the beginning phases but me and the team shot 2 videos with a few artist who laid down a freestyle!


Check both out here!



Also decided to keep it going even further and open it for everyone to body this beat. Lay something down and send it to me.


New Releases!!! 

I've had the pleasure of producing the entire project for Ashanta Denise's debut EP titled To Be Honest. It features artist Tyler Nottage, Kony Brooks & ForMySkyz. Ashanta Denise is a DMV native repping Maryland and currently resides in NY. This project was put together over several years and shaped the entire vibe of the records you'll here! Give it a listen, it's available on all streaming platforms or you can support directly from my website. Links below:


To Be Honest - Ashanta Denise


Earlier release from this summer is from Tyler Nottage. His single Place ll Be is available on all streaming platforms and of course you can check it out on my website as well. Production by yours truly!


Place ll Be - Tyler Nottage


Stream, Share, Repost, Download!

Fall Update 

Been awhile since I've updated the site....I know I know....very sad but I have been tirelessly working hard to bring alot of new content. So I'm proud to say that new content will ALL be available for this fall/winter!

Working with alot of new artist and building on delivering a innovative sound. Every new project release will feature production and mixing by myself. On top of that I will be releasing more information on events that feature the team and myself (ARESVP).

So here's a list of whats to come just to keep it organized:

  • 4 debut EP's
  • New Singles
  • New music from ARESVP artist Michael From The East
  • New events curated by ARESVP
  • SammAy debut project*
  • New Merchandise
  • TV & Film Placement opportunities**

*I've been working on this project for quite some time. Project date is December 2018

**Email to inquire for more information.

So overall that's what's going on, I'm pretty sure I missed out on all the updates coming up but, let me get back in the flow of things and you'll just see for yourself. Also if you are a website designer in the NY area reach out to me as well!

East (Music Video) 

Official music video for "East" by Michael. Directed by Rel.

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