Fall Update

Been awhile since I've updated the site....I know I know....very sad but I have been tirelessly working hard to bring alot of new content. So I'm proud to say that new content will ALL be available for this fall/winter!

Working with alot of new artist and building on delivering a innovative sound. Every new project release will feature production and mixing by myself. On top of that I will be releasing more information on events that feature the team and myself (ARESVP).

So here's a list of whats to come just to keep it organized:

  • 4 debut EP's
  • New Singles
  • New music from ARESVP artist Michael From The East
  • New events curated by ARESVP
  • SammAy debut project*
  • New Merchandise
  • TV & Film Placement opportunities**

*I've been working on this project for quite some time. Project date is December 2018

**Email to inquire for more information.

So overall that's what's going on, I'm pretty sure I missed out on all the updates coming up but, let me get back in the flow of things and you'll just see for yourself. Also if you are a website designer in the NY area reach out to me as well!

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